e-Business Alternatives

Sage 100 e-Business Manager is a wonderful tool. Installation is quick and easy; orders come into Sage 100 directly from the website; changes to inventory are reflected immediately; and the price! At just over $5000, e-Business Manager is a steal!

Web developers however, are uncomfortable with eBusiness Manager. Templates are rendered in ProvideX, the language Sage 100 is written in. Developers cannot design a web store without taking this into consideration.

If you have questions or concerns about bringing your web developer up to speed, contact us via the Contact page.

Sage Data Exchange (SDE) is an easy way to get data in and out of your Sage 100 system. Going beyond what eBusiness Web Services can do, SDE can provide access to resources for Contacts, Customers, Inventory, Order and Invoice data plus much more.

Try the demo that accesses Sage 100 ABC Demo Data.