e-Business Applets

There are three e-Business Manager Applets delivered by Sage:

  • .inquiry
  • .order
  • .store.

There are several others, including .timekeeper, that are written and maintained by Sage Development Partners.

All are available through your Sage Authorized Reseller.

The .store applet provides you with business-to-consumer e-commerce capabilities that link directly to your Sage 100 ERP system, including access to your Credit Card Processing module.

The Timekeeper module includes the .timekeeper feature, which allows your company to setup a time and expense tracking system on your company website.

The .order applet provides a business-to-business solution that offers your customers the ability to place orders directly into your Sage 100 system through your web site twenty-four hours a day.

More than an applet, Timekeeper Worksheet Online brings the functionality of your Timekeeper Worksheet Enhancement out to the internet.

Run Timekeeper Worksheet Online on your own server or as a service on our servers. Either way, communications to your Sage 100 system are made through the e-Business Manager Web Service.

The .inquiry applet gives your customers the ability to access on-demand account information, current order status, and inventory and availability information directly from your Sage 100 system, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.