Just like most software, Sage 100 e-Business Manager can handle 80% of everything you need it to do. The other 20% are the little changes that make the software fit you like a glove. In some cases the little changes can be done with User Defined Fields and scripts. In other cases you find that the area you wish to change either is not available to change or too difficult to change with the tools that are provided. That is where we can come in and change the code to make it really do what you want it to do. Let us look over your requirements and see how we can have your business needs met with e-Business. We have been developing for Sage 100 since 1987. We know a thing or two about getting things done.

Content Managment System (CMS) is a great way to allow you to manage your own website. There are several different CMS sites available. Some CMS are specific to a function like E-Commerce and others are generic that allow components to fill the needs of specific functions while using them as a base foundation. Combine the use of CMS with our Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting and you have a great combination to deliver your content for your company on the web.

We can help you setup sites using popular CMS sites like:



Sometimes you just have to make it your way. That is where we can come in and use our skills to develop a website exactly like you need.

Got an idea for a website that needs to integrate to other systems? We can work with you to design, develop and support your website.

Website Development

List of custom modifications for eBusiness