In a standard e-Business Manager installation, your hosting service resides outside your firewall.

Your firewall allows traffic to the Sage Web Engine through a specific IP address and port number. The Sage Web Engine makes requests of the Sage 100 ERP server.

The net effect is that your Sage 100 ERP server is isolated from internet traffic by the limit your firewall imposes and the indirection of requests through the Sage Web Engine.

Your Hosting Service must be running Microsoft IIS with the four DLL's delivered with e-Business Manager. The larger hosting companies will not install the DLL's unless you are leasing an entire server from them, making you responsible for the environment.

Host your e-Business Manager with . We not only provide hosting, but can support you when you have issues or questions. Contact your reseller or fill out our Contact form.

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We offer a low cost, monthly hosting service that can be purchased through our online ordering system. When you sign up, you will be prompted for your reseller's company name. Please be sure to have this at the time of signing up so we can work with your reseller to get things setup.

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