The ProvideX Web Server, originally written by PVX Plus Technologies, is the magic behind e-Business Manager.

On your server, the ProvideX Web Server might be refered to as the "MAS 90 Web Engine" in Administrative Services, or Web Config, if you are launching it as a application.

The ProvideX Web Server listens for internet traffic, responding to requests on the IP Address and Port on which it was configured. The request that comes in is always to run a ProvideX program. The program requests data from Sage 100, or posts data to Sage 100, and renders a page to return to the requesting server.

The rendered page is a combination of an HTML template and information returned from Sage 100. Use a text editor to open one of the templates and your will find variables and code urrounded by double tildes (~~), much in the same manor as VBScript is embedded in HTML code with "<%" and "%>".

This tutorial is provided by and it shows functions of the web engine that is used by e-Business Manager. When installing with Sage 100, all of the required settings should be preconfigured as part of the install.