e-Business Success Stories

Sage 100 e-Business Manager Success Stories do not get published often, but here are two e-Commerce successes that have been around for a while!

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  • e-Business Manager Success - anDea Chocolates
    Filename: e-Business_Manager_Success_anDea_Chocolates.pdf
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    anDea provides chocolate bon bons, truffles, candymakers’ supplies, and imported hard candies to wholesalers from Newfoundland to Vancouver.

anDea utilized e-Business to get an integrated system that reduced hours of manual work that was done previously. 

"Having e-Business Manager integrated with Sage MAS 90 will thus save another 300 hours a year"

Kelly Janssens, anDea Chocolates

  • e-Business Manager Success - Creation Entertainment
    Filename: e-Business_Manager_Success_Creation_Entertainment.pdf
    Size: 118.5 KB
    Founded in 1971 by Gary Berman and Adam Malin, two young teenage sci-fi fans in New York, Creation Entertainment continues a 37 year tradition of producing the world's leading conventions for fans of genre television and film.

While this success story is old it shows how they were able to jump start their eCommerce with e-Business. Over the years they have moved on to other technology but it was e-Business with the inital low cost with high functionality that helped get things moving.

"Since implementing Sage MAS 200 and e-Business Manager, our profitability has doubled"

Ed Rodriguez, Creation Entertainment