e-Business Documentation

Over the years Sage has released some documents related to Sage 100 e-Business Manager. This is a collection of some of those documents to provide a better understanding of what e-Business manager is and how it can be used. We have added some of our own documentation as well to this list.

These are guides that are included with the installation media for Sage 100. We have also added some additional guides that may also be of assistance.

  • e-Business Manager Installation Guide (2014)
    Filename: e-Business_Manager_Installation_Guide_2014.pdf
    Size: 1141.36 KB
    The Installation Guide gives you an overview of e-Business Manager in addition to the installation instructions. The 2014 Installation Guide also has instructions on installing an SSL certificate on the ProvideX Web Server.
  • e-Business Manager MASISAPI Installation Guide
    Filename: e-Business_Manager_MASISAPI_Installation_Guide.pdf
    Size: 43.78 KB
    The MASISAPI Installation Guide walks you through installing four DLL's into Microsoft IIS on your Windows 2003 Server.
  • Installing MASISAPI in Microsoft IIS Manager
    Filename: Installing-MASISAPI-in-Microsoft-IIS-Manager.pdf
    Size: 733.9 KB
    The Sage e-Business Manager MASISAPI Installation Guide covers Microsoft IIS 6, but things have changed! This guide walks you through installation into Microsoft IIS Manager.

The following documents were published by Sage Software for sales and marketing. These documents may not be the current document available from Sage nor reflect enhancements released in the current version.

  • e-Business Manager Brochure
    Filename: e-Business_Manager_Brochure.pdf
    Size: 712.58 KB
    The eBusiness Manager brochure is provided by Sage for resellers to download and deliver to their prospects.
  • e-Business Manager White Paper
    Filename: e-Business_Manager_White_Paper.pdf
    Size: 304.65 KB
    The White Paper is an in depth discussion of e-Business Manager server components. It includes a Future Directions section discussing XML.
  • e-Business Manager Overview
    Filename: eBusiness_Manager_Overview.pdf
    Size: 122.72 KB
    The e-Business Manager Overview gives you a quick description of each of the menu selections in the Main and Setup menus.